The         in Aden, 1965


Fred Chambers … of the ‘Chosen Few’

Note from Andre: I have altered the original email texts for continuity and editorial purposes. Bracketed information in green is contextual and from me.

Fred’s email on 26th Oct 2012

  • I was in the Chosen Few as rhythm guitarist and lead singer. Towards the back end of my tour, I was lead singer with the King Bees.

Further email on 27th Oct 2012

Hi Andre.

  • Yes we were at the 'Festival of Pops’ (organised by Bob Parmenter, the King Bees Manager). See the photo of the festival with you setting up on one side and me singing on the other (picture with the young girls in foreground). Also one of the chosen few playing inside at the Lido and one of me in fancy dress at the Lido. (Photos are at the bottom of the page)
  • I think the other guy on the photo was someone you knew, although i can’t remember his name myself. After you left, John (Johnny Fry, the King Bees’ drummer) decided to audition singers and asked me if i would like to come and sit in on it. Not having much luck with it, he asked me to show them how it was done. After trying some more auditions with no luck, he said“ I’ve got a better idea Fred. Why don’t you sing for us till you go home?". So that’s how it came to be. Unfortunately we did not do any recordings, or have any photos as i was due to go home about Christmas 1965 and there was not much point in doing it. We still did the same sort of songs that you did: Route 66. Yesterday etc.
  • i was surfing the web looking for any trace of groups in Aden and was pleasantly surprised to find your site with the King Bees on it.
  • As soon as i saw it. the good old memories came flooding back. And when i saw that i could reply to you Andre. i was over the moon and was really pleased to receive your resultant email.
  • Nice to hear from you after all this time.
  • Thanks for the memories. all the very very best.

Further email on 20th Nov 2012

Hi Andre.

  • The reason the Chosen Few finished was that Pete Gates the lead guitarist went home. After you left, Johnny Fry along with Dave (Gratton) and Steve (Hutchinson) auditioned singers. Not being able to find one, they asked me to do the job till i went home. Can’t really remember exactly how long i did it for. As far as i know they did not carry on after i left. The only booking I remember doing was at the Lido. Are you not in contact with any other members of the Kink Bees? I live in Cleethorpes. i am still working; how long for I don’t know, as i am 70 on my next birthday. I don’t do any singing now, although I did join a band in Sheffield for a while after I came back from Aden. Best Wishes.

Further email on 28th April 2015

Hi Andre.

  • I have been thinking how long I was with the King Bees and i think that it was only about three weeks, as someone else in the band was also going home around the same time as me. Don’t ask me who as I can’t remember. I think when i went home the band packed in altogether. If you want to update the website with this info, you are very welcome to.
  • Cheers for now.