The         in Aden, 1965


David Ward

Note from Andre: I have altered the original email texts for continuity and editorial purposes. Bracketed information in green is contextual and from me.

David's initial email on 22nd September 2017

  • Hi, stumbled over your web page by accident and I seem to recall a band called the Queen Bee's.
  • This band was made up of RAF lads as well. Do you remember them at all?
  • Regards, Dave Ward (ex. JMC TPO 1963/65 Steamer Point)

Andre replied on 25th September 2017

Hey Dave .....

  • I am not sure which particular web page you refer to ... I have a few! I was in Aden (Steamer Point/HQMEC) at the same time as you. Originally, I was billeted on top of the hill for about 6-9 months, then down to Scampton block for the rest of my time. I was an SAC at Command Stats at HQMEC complex.
  • I don't know about the Queen Bees, but I originally formed the King Bees group, originally with Nick Glenton and finally settled on the line-up you can see on the website. We set up in mid-to late 1964 (website below) and we performed Beatles and Stones numbers with a smattering of R&B. We were the only group that sang in harmony. We disbanded on going back to the UK in late 1965 ... but we had a great time performing over our final year. It was seventy two years ago ...
  • Hope to hear from you again ... and if so, I will post these communications to the site.
  • All the best

Further email on 26th September 2017

Hi. Andre.

  • Thanks for the reply, it’s interesting that you were working out off HQMEC. The Joint Message Centre (Teleprinters) office was located on the ground floor at the back of the building. I was there from May 63 to May 65. As the name suggests we had Navy and Army personnel working there too.
  • You mention in your e.mail that the joint founder of your group was a guy named Nick Glenton, could he have possibly been anRAF clerk working there as well? This guy played guitar in the group that my memory fondly recalls as being the Queen Bees. It may be that this memory could be wrong and in fact they may have been named the King Bees! (Yes, got it right now) After all it was 50 years or so ago! As I recall their standard repertoire was Beatles and Stone numbers. I remember one gig in particular that they played at, which was for the Comcen ‘C’ watch party, which was held in one of the rooms at the Lido. Great dance night.
  • I followed the same route as yourself with respect to billets, initially being billeted in the first building up the hill past the Army Post Office Block, spending the first year there. Most of the second year was in St Eval block, luxuriating in the cool air of the air conditioning,
  • Best Regards.

Andre replied on 5th October 2017

  • Hey Dave .....
  • Yes, that WAS the Nick Glenton who was originally in the band. When he left (repatriated), Ron Lamberton took over on lead guitar. It was definitely our group The King Bees that you remember. If you think about it, the 'Queen Bees' would have sounded extremely 'gay' in those days and would not have been appropriate.
  • If you want to send any more memories of that time, please do. I would like to post your email info to the website under 'Contacts' if you are happy with that?
  • Best regards

Further email on 5th October 2017

Hello Andre,

  • Thanks for your response. I was relieved to hear that my memory hasn't totally gone. It was only when you mentioned the name "Nick" that the old grey cells kicked in. It obviously rang a bell somewhere in the depths. I recall that he was a very nice guy. Your comment with regard to the word "Queen" is well taken!
  • I would be quite happy if you wished to post my e.mails, and if I can recall anything that seems suitable will drop you a line,
  • Cheers for now.